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News about my Projects

This summer I completed my Bachelor's degree in Performing Rhythmic Music. Towards the summer there is a lot of exciting music that will be released. The biggest project is the EP for Horda Band. This is a band that I have been very involved in and that plays advanced jazz, Fuzion and rock music!

In addition, I have released my first single in my own name. I have composed and produced this work alone with the help of Herman Gording. This song is based on the Neo-soul genre and strongly influenced by Nate Smith.


An exciting band with influences from many genres. With Martin Raev (Keys / Piano) and Kristoffer Hjelmaas Sivertsen (Guitar)'s compositions, and Viktor Ognøy Ekeløve (drums), Sigurd Heide Aadland (Bass) and Nikolas Dossev (Saxophone) in the rest of the band, this Quintet creates catchy and beautiful melodies . The music has flow, drive and lots of energy. Their first EP was released in Oktober. Rejoice!



I have been working for the past year composing my own music. I have played in many other people's projects and adapted to their needs, but have never made anything of my own that corresponds to me in music. This will be a long-term project, I am still in development and do not quite know who I am as an artist yet. I have nevertheless worked with a Single that is out on all possible streaming services. The work is called Polypfoni, and is just a small taste of what will happen in the future. Looking forward to!


Welcome to an intimate outdoor festival in the heart of the medieval park the first weekend in August. Modushuset is located close to Oslo's oldest ruins. This year's Euphemia Days take place, a three-day party with new jazz, rock, folk and pop music, city history, night jam and open stage. There is also a bar where various refreshments are served!

Image by Will Francis

Podcast: Musicians of the Future

In collaboration with Modushuset, I have planned to produce a podcast that will be released weekly from autumn, 2022. This podcast puts young newly established musicians in focus. There will be a new guest artist every week talking about their chosen project and their ambitions as musicians. This podcast wants to give new young promising musicians focus, discuss important elements about music and talk about the challenges facing young newly established artists.

I'm really looking forward to this project and have many cool guest artists to show off!

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